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what makes it boerseun

There is nothing jerky about this "jerky"! Unlike the mass produced, pieces of cardboard sticks that really only contain about 1% ACTUAL meat, we are ALL meat! If you want processed and poor tasting pieces of plastic, you can just go to the local convenient store. If, however, you want to experience authentic biltong that will forever change your viewpoint on so-called jerky, you've come to the right place. 

AUTHENTIC!!!! We produce our biltong in the traditional South African Boerseun style. Clean pieces of red meat are cut, marinated, covered in spices, rinsed, and given some extra love in the form of taste amplifying goodness that makes the flavor explode in your mouth. They are then hung to dry in a sealed, ventilated box for a specific amount of time, down to the minute (you should see all of the alarms on my iPhone!). 

Once removed from they're maturing process, they're inspected to ensure only the best pieces of biltong get to our honorary boerseuns for consumption. 

There are some unnatural and unusual things about our process though. Unnatural meaning the plastic gloves worn to handle the meat and ingredients at all times. Unusual, well, just think of a 6'5" 265lb man wearing steel toed boots, short khaki shorts, an untucked button up shirt and hair net singing and dancing to random music playlists. Yes, that's us!