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our roots

Just Kidding! That's not really me.

Seriously though, after putting that first piece of delicious South African Boer biltong in my mouth, my taste buds would be forever asking for more. What follows is how my mind got blown during my trip into the heart of biltong country.

After forever dreaming about going to Africa and being on safari, I got the chance to go with my beautiful girlfriend. She was raised a very boerseun female (I don't hold that against her) and she would always tell me how much the jerky in the US was sub-par. I was eagerly awaiting my first taste, and I was not disappointed! Not only was it delicious, it wall always transport me back to one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

South African culture is extremely family focused and their time is spent together, not around a TV, but around a fire drinking homemade liquor and laughing about their experiences. They tend to laugh at each other's expense but it's all in love. This close family bond is an immensely important part of an identity that each family member carries with them. Imagine if you will, being able to be a complete goofball with your extended family of 64 first cousins and not be distracted or even need the distraction of another form of entertainment. For me, that family dynamic was a rare occasion, it's one I would have loved, and something that many of our lives are sorely missing. My love and enjoyment for this food goes well beyond just the incredible flavor and it's overwhelming simplicity. Setting a chunk of biltong on my tongue and savoring each individual taste, I close my eyes and I'm back around the fire with the family, watching a sunset like only South Africa can display.

Take an adventure every time your mouth starts salivating and you pop that little slice of meat heaven into your mouth. Let the coriander bring you to a sprawling farm in one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. Slight saltiness makes you feel at home and grounded while a hint of sweetness warms your heart (and makes you crave a tasty adult beverage). 

Break open a bag of Boerseun BIltong and I'll see you and yours by the fire. Just watch out for the monkeys, they're everywhere!